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Mẫu số: Dynapaper

Mô tả sản phẩm

Direct dyes for paper

Direct dyes are usually sodium salts of azo dyes with several sulphonic or carboxyl groups in order to increase solubility of the dye.

The direct dye group has good affinity for furnishes used in papermaking, and good fastness to light, bleeding and chemicals.

They are suitable for the following applications:

Dyeing - writing and printing papers , hygiene papers ,board , corrugated case materials , special papers.

shading - white and fluorescent whitened writing and printing papers.

There`s only liquid available where a suffix [L" appears after the color index number. Both liquid and powder are available where no suffix is indicated.

Dynapaper C.I. CAS NO. Characteristics
Direct Fast Turquoise Blue FBL Direct Blue 199 12222-04-7 Turquoise with good lightfastness
Direct Blue 4BL Direct Blue 200 12217-57-1
Direct Blue 4G Direct Blue 202 107043-92-5
Direct Fast Blue 7G Direct Blue 218L 28407-37-6
Direct Fast Blue 31L Direct Blue 279L 72827-89-5
Direct Blue BT Direct Blue 281 77907-25-6
Direct Blue 2R Direct Blue 290L 110444-91-2
Direct Blue R Direct Blue 301L 203210-48-4
Direct Black G Direct Black 19 6428-31-5
Direct Black SN Direct Black 168 85631-88-5
Direct Fast Blue B2RL Direct Blue 71 4399-55-7

Deep reddish blue with good lightfastness

and metal-free

Direct Blue 2GL Direct Blue 75 Greenish blue with excellent lightfastness.
Direct Blue 7RLL Direct Blue 80 12222-00-3

Redder blue with excellent lightfastness,

and alkali stability

Direct Fast Turquoise Blue GL Direct Blue 86 1330-38-7 Turquoise with good lightfastness
Direct Brown 3G Direct Brown 44 6252-62-6
Direct Orange 2R Direct Orange 15 1325-35-5 Yellowish orange with good light-fastness
Direct Orange S Direct Orange 26 3626-36-6

Reddish orange with good lightfastness

and excellent acid stability

Direct Brilliant Orange 2RF Direct Orange 118L 60202-34-8
Direct Fast Scarlet 4BS Direct Red 23 3441-14-3

Yellow scarlet with excellent bleachability

and good alkali & acid stability

Direct Fast Red BA Direct Red 80 2610-10-8 Blue pink with good acid and alkali stability
Direct Red 4B Direct Red 81 2610-11-9 Medium red with good acid stability
Direct Scarlet 6BS Direct Red 239 60202-35-9
Direct Fast Red 10BL Direct Red 254L 64683-40-5
Direct Yellow G Direct Yellow 107 61815-04-1

Lemon yellow with excellent lightfastness

and bleachability

Direct Yellow RB Direct Yellow 127 12222-68-3
Direct Brilliant Flavine 6G Direct Yellow 131L
Direct Yellow DF Direct Yellow 132 61968-26-1
Direct Yellow 3B Direct Yellow 147 71838-49-8
Direct Yellow R Direct Yellow 11 1325-37-7 Reddish Yellow
Direct Yellow GC Direct Yellow 44 8005-52-5

Lemon yellow with excellent acid stability

and excellent lightfastness

Direct Yellow RS Direct Yellow 50 3214-47-9
Direct Yellow RL Direct Yellow 86 50925-42-3
Direct Violet BK Direct Violet 9 6227-14-1
Direct Brilliant Violet 5BFN Direct Violet 35 6227-20-9
Direct Violet B8 Direct Violet 51 5489-77-0


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